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Rapid-Air Servo Feed Selection Guide

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Rapid-Air Servo Feed
Rapid-Air Servo Feed

Model Description
MiniServo Series
(MS2, MS4, MS8)
So compact and economical, you can buy several to mount and
leave on individual dies, saving substantial set-up time while
assuring repeat accuracy. Also ideal for special machine applications.
100CJ Series
(104CJ, 108CJ)
Programmable roll feed, 99 job storage, feed advisor, feed complete signal, Data Instruments and Link Press control compatible, batch count, adjustable speed, acceleration/deceleration. Wide range of accessories, higher speed than CJ Series with the convenience of 115 VAC.
100D Series
(106D, 112D, 118D)

100T Series
(106T, 112T, 118T)

100TX Series
(106TX, 112TX, 118TX)
Choose the performance you need (refer to performance charts).
Air pilot release and mechanical pilot release available.
Entrance guide roll or cascade roll available. Driven upper roll available.
200T Series
(208T, 212T,
218T, 224T)

200TX Series
(208TX, 212TX,
218TX, 224TX)
This servo feed group offers everything the 100 Series does plus a larger
feed roll diameter, higher capacity and higher speed. Air pilot release
and driven upper roll standard. Air regulated feed roll optional.
300T Series
(336T, 348T)
This servo feed group offers everything the 200T Series does plus
larger diameter rolls and the ability to feed up to 48" wide material.
KBX Series

(KBX104S, KBX108S,

(KBXP104S, KBXP108S)
Programmable roll feed and flat stock straightener combined in one unit. All the features of a 100S Series plus the extra power to straighten .090 thick C.R.S. The KBX may be used as a Servo Feed alone by merely raising the straightening rolls. Patent pending.

Similar to KBX100S Series but with air pilot release. Patented.
Note: KBX Series provide floor space saving by eliminating the material loop between feed and straightener.