Rapid-Air Stock Cutters

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For a variety of cut-to-length, skeletal strip or scrap cutting applications. High performance. Easily adaptable. Precision adjustable tool steel blades.

Rapid-Air offers a full range of pneumatic stock cutters that provide outstanding application flexibility and efficiency in handling your routine or specialty shearing and cut-to-length jobs. Choose from a small pivoting arm model for light gauge material up to a cutter that exerts 8,000 pounds of force for 24 wide flat stock.It can be a stand-alone press or base-mounted unit, or part of a fully synchronized cut-to-length system. Whatever your requirements, you canexpect a wider choice of models and options from Rapid-Air - with the kind of operating features, durability and performance that set the industry standards for quality stock cutters and cut-to-length machines.

    Optimum operating economy
  • Unique internal single-acting air cylinder design. No external hoses and fittings.
  • Cutters operate on normal shop air.
  • Substantially less air is consumed compared to cutters with double-acting cylinders.

    Made for day-in, day-out reliability
  • Rugged structural integrity.
  • Precision operating components.
    Set up and maintenance simplicity
  • Easy, precise blade adjustment.
  • Simple blade removal for sharpening.
    Built-in safety features
  • Blades and moving parts are recessed within cutters.
  • Cutting areas are guarded.

    Outstanding versatility
  • Models cover a wide range of scrap cutting or cut-to-length applications.
  • Stand-alone units can be press mounted or mounted on a free-standing base.
  • Cutters can be combined with an air feed or servo feed and integrated controls for a completely automated cut-to-length system